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The Candy Girls Saved The Day in LA…Again YWD Magazine Release Party, Los Angeles Ca 7-10-

Wedding industry publication powerhouse YWD Magazine

( Your Wedding Day Magazine) held their spring summer 2010 issue release party at the Inter Continental Hotel Los Angeles, Century City. The Candy Girls were called in at the 11th hour when event planners realized they had a CANDYASTROPHE on their hands!!! Long story short, they needed fabulous candy and really, really, fast! Like, when you slip in your high heels and catch yourself before you fall on your a$ in front a million people fast! I received the phone call from the insanely talented Mrs. Kristin Banta of and we simply had to come to the rescue. Yes, we had a massive week & weekend full of events to design and plan for but we simply could not say NO to all of our fabulous friends at YWD who needed our help. The end result was a PINK-afied candy station that complimented the events concept of a turn of the century soiree, with a little bit of a dark twist. It was Alice in Wonderland, meets old circus, meets ethereal garden. The event turned out to be a huge success for the magazine and was pure eye candy all night long! Guests gravitated with OOH’s & AHH’S toward our Candy & Diamonds creation that mixed 2 things that most women can’t seem to ever get enough of.. It’s a great thing to have found our purpose in life… making the world a sweeter, prettier & more deliciously sexy place…day after day after day!

Fab event photos by the geniuses at :TripleCord Photography, 949 481 1345

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