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The Candy Lovin’ Love Birds! Reggie & Reneirdre’s Labor Day Weekend Wedding @ The S

I met Reneirdre & Reggie almost 13 months ago while they were planning their fabulous wedding at the super Chic Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach, Ca. Old Ranch is located in the beautiful OC and the venue is practically in my backyard and located in the neighborhood where I grew up and have my fondest memories. This couple was a dream come true! Super fun, super in love, super pretty to look at and super in lalalalove with my very best friend, Candy! They wanted a ton-o candy and all kinds of it! I simply loved these 2 more than words and wanted to make their candy dreams come true so I added some giant whirly pops and unicorn pops as a surprise and let me tell you, these bad boys were huger the HUGE and can only be custom ordered! Amy & Nicole at Old Ranch were so sweet & super helpful. I was thrilled to have met them and their first class team of pro’s. As we were leaving, I saw Reggie as he was walking to the ceremony with his groomsmen, he tapped my on the shoulder to say hi and my last words to him were, “Hiiiiiii Reg, Go Get ‘Em Tiger! He laughed out loud and the look of pure bliss on his face as he walked toward the ceremony site to marry his beautiful bride was priceless. That look kills me every time. I had a real soft spot for this couple and I felt so lucky to watch their magical moment unfold right before my eyes. I left feeling so thrilled for them and had to run out super quick to set up our next event! I can not wait to see the photos! I wish all my love to R&R! Love you guys!

And such is the life of a VERY busy candy girl…

PS- You gotta check out the super sweet email below that the bride sent me just moments after I shared this post with her! awww, Love me some Reneirdre! Sent:Tue 9/07/10 12:07

Hey Jackie, thank you sooo much for bringing a little extra sweetness to our wonderful day! We had hoped our wedding day would be everything we imagined and after looking back it was that plus more! EVERYTHING WAS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you to! Reneirdre and Reggie Montgomery

P.S Yes we are officially CANDY OBSESSED

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