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The Candy Mafia Keeps Growing! 30,000 and going strong!

So Fuuhhreakin’ Fabtastic!!! We’re simply tickled Hot Pink and wanna do a cart-wheel in our Under-roos!!! 30,000 members of the candy mafia and we’re growing daily at a rapid pace ! That’s pretty dope wouldn’t you say? We are very well aware of the fact that within these 30,000 party peeps we have loyal friends & fans, blogabee’s, candy spies & our beloved stalkers! Whatever category you fall under, we Thank you for visiting & reading and helping us to grow our Candy Empire!!!

Mazel Tov Team C-A-N-D-Y!!! Can’t no person, place or thing stop this awesome train!!! Choo, Choo!!!

XoXo- Candy Girl

Total Talent! Do you know how long this took us to make? 5 seconds!

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