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The Day Our Candy King Became The Cupcake Boss! Oy Vey is Right!

Happy monday candy family!

I find Monday’s kind of exhausting since on our planet Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays are when we work non-stop, 24-7 and are crazy bananas, bonkers, busy! Anyhow, in between doing a bunch of stuff our Candy King who is my baby daddy & husband or ( Mr. Perfect, no issues, no drama, perfect dad & perfect human being and sweet husband ( said with a ridiculous amount of sarcasm as he hates when we call him this) decides to embark on an idea he’s been talking about for over 6 months. Now if you know me you know that I can be kind of tough sometimes and for the last 6 months every time I’ve heard him talk about this idea I’ve said, “Yeah, yeah.. talk is cheap, show me some action baby” Well, he finally decided it was time to put his money where his mouth is and.. he baked!

We kind of love the Cake Boss on TLC and we met while I lived in Hoboken, New Jersey where the Carlos Bakery is located. We fell in lust ,I mean love over several of Buddy’s Cannoli’s, Cakes & Italian Cookies. Anyhow, after this Sunday’s cupcake creation, (he made them from scratch and even bought books) the Candy King has officially been deemed, ” The Cupcake Boss” he’s got the New Yawker accent, he wears da Mets Hat with Big Apple pride! Mr. Wonderful Perfect even bakes while holding his baby, the Heiress to the candy empire and presents his masterpiece Peanut Butter Cupcakes on a fancy tower. He know’s how we do it and don’t you ever try and present anything on a paper plate (Dramatic GASP, God forbid!) We begged him to pose in our Candy Girl Aprons and he finally gave in after begging for a solid 10 minutes. This is a guys, guy who likes watching his baseball while eating some Hawt Dawgs, sippin’ on a Rum & Coke and enjoys yelling at the players when they do something bad. He likes playing his video games with other game geeks who wear head sets and take video game survival more seriously then anything I’ve ever seen! Anyhow, to get him to give us his best sassy “candy girl” pose in one of our aprons was a fete but so worth it! You see, even a guy’s guy and a dude’s dude can get in touch with his feminine side every now and then, they just have to be hand held and re-assured that male cupcake bakers can be very sexy & macho too!

Bravo to our Cupcake Boss who called me this Monday morning to say, (Remember the heavy New Yawk accent) ” Babe! I gotta go get some confectioners suga’ for my chocolate buttercream icin’, I’m gonna try a new recipe after work! Oh, do we have any colored sprinkles?” WHAT! Now all I can say is.. There is NOTHING more macho than your husband asking you for colored sprinkles! Who am I to crush anyone’s dreams? Nobody! And this is such good material for my blog so I’m running with this new adventure of his and bringing you along for the ride. Happy Baking!

And PS- we secretly LalaLOVE that he wanted to do this so bad, so cute! I just like bustin’ his chops.

XoXo, Candy Girl

The Heiress is not buying it!

Not So Bad for a 1st try!

Daddy Bakes We Just Obnoxiously Laugh At Him!

Taking it WAY TOO Seriously Man!

Work it Cupcake Boss! Do Your Candy Girl Thang! Side note, I have de-leted and reposted this pic 4x. Every time he see’s it he gets so pissed but I can’t re-sist re-posting! 5th times a charm!

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