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The Dream Has OFFICIALLY Come TRUE Party People!! Someone PLEASE Get Me A Massive Sized Box of Tissu

This Fairytale is actually TRUE…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had HUGE & what some might even consider to be crazy dreams. Actually, she dreamt of things that seemed quite silly to most but she knew that she had something very special along with an insane desire to succeed and provide a better life for her entire family! She never expected to be given a golden ticket rather, she wanted to work her ass off and not complain about it just like her parents did and lead her by example! She hoped to teach all the little girls, big girls, young moms, old moms, soccer moms, single moms & the rest of the world that if you believe in yourself even while others may not, believe in your goals even if they seem un-reachable and do whatever it takes to achieve them, ANYTHING is possible for you, your family & those silly dreams of yours! Along with her team of unbelievably loving, loyal, fun, smart & super cute crew of boys, girls, babies, mom & dad & awesome (totally calm & normal) husband, supportive friends who are funny and perfectly inappropriate at all the right times, 2 stinky dogs and even facebook fans…They Started A Candy Revolution and now the next chapter in their journey has begun. Remember folks, ” Riches don’t respond to wishes, they respond to hard work & persistence!” Put people first and love like a lunatic and stuff will happen for you & your life just as it should. Every single one of us has the opportunity to do, be & become anything we want and as corny as that may sound- it’s the truth however, most people give up at the first let down rather than forging ahead when things get tough. Embrace your failures, each and everyone of them because they are the gifts and lessons you need in order to achieve whatever it is your aiming for. And whatever you believe in, just know that there is a big man up-stairs who knows exactly where your life will lead you and where you’ll land because after-all, he’s in control and he’s got so much love for you, me and everyone else too. What’s next on the list? Camp Candy Land which will be a place for kids to create, be kinda crazy and explore their talents… Why stop now when there is so much more we’re capable of! Life is short, make it sweet & fun!

OK- Ugly Cry Has Officially Begun! Mom & Dad I Love you Like A Lunatic!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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