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The Grandparents To The Candy Empire! No Shame In Their Game. CLEARLY, The Best $14.99 They Ever Sp

Aren’t they freakin’ cute! The Silver Fox & his spicy Latina Mamacita Chiquita Banana! Georgie & Arci The grandparents to the candy empire who I have a bit of an un-healthy obsession with. You see, some people would rather keep their parents at a distance, check in every now and then with a phone call but not in Candy Land. I don’t really do to much without getting their opinions first because oddly I’ve realized at 32, they’re almost always right. I suppose my therapist, Dr. Issues may call this Co-dependancy but keeping it real, I just need their approval because it validates my decisions and prevents me from being stupid. You see, I was blessed with two of the funniest, corny parents with ridiculous accents ( however, in their opinions they have no accents and in my opinion, they need subtitles ) Anyhow, this photo of my mom & dad was taken in a Super Market last weekend who had some $14.99 promo on old fashioned-ish pictures. The fact that my mom and dad got dressed up to take an awkward photo complete with weird giant antique phone and grape vines in a SUPER MARKET, makes me love them even more. While some would have never disclosed this stunning Picasso of a portrait was taken there, these two have no shame in their game. And if you think Grandma & Grandpa didn’t include their beloved first grandchild on this priceless, once in a lifetime deal, WRONG. You see, the photo below is of Isabella- the Heiress To The Candy Empire and although it’s evident that she was styled by some magical prop genius, I would have probably gone with another look for my kid. She’s thinking,” What The F-Bomb have they done to me this time!” Hands down, this was the BEST $14.99 ever spent. I mean, the proof is in the pictures folks. As if, you totally didn’t figure that out on your own already!

Life is short people, make it sweet & fun.

XoXo, Candy Girl

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