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The Heiress to the Candy Empire is running 4 President of Candy Land! VOTE!

Considering the fact that we are “the Super cute chicks who started a candy revolution” it’s the only obvious next step in our game plan is to nominate someone for something important! So here we go,

The Heiress to the Candy Empire is running for President of Candy Land! Our campaign issues are massively important to all man-kind and we see this as a no brainer!

Issue #1- Teach America how to have more fun, more crazy & more of not taking yourself so seriously- there are plenty of libraries and science museums for that!

Issue #2 – Create a Candy Land that finally brings all moms together in peace & harmony!

The blondes, brunettes, red heads & bad highlight job moms, the fantastic plastics, the smart moms, organic moms, paranoid moms, mean moms, weird moms, skinny moms, fatty moms, passive aggressive moms, popular moms, nerd moms, moms who married for money, moms who married for love, the moms with no expression because of OD’ing on Botox, The liposuctioned moms, the too tight low rise jean wearing moms, the always on her i-phone moms, the Yoga moms, The always tired moms, The cool & funny moms and even the moms who put their kids in pageants, spray tan them, poof their hair and make them wear those denture fake teeth things!!!

Vote- Vote-Vote!!! Change is coming!!!

Issue #3- AMERICA! We’re worried about your health!

We’re implementing a new Government approved Food Guide Pyramid & Fitness Regime that will incorporate a daily serving of un-necessary Suga’ but also asks that you Rollerblade, Toilet Paper Someone’s House, High Five, or Booty Bump a friend while eating it so that you stay Super Duper Healthy, Sexy & Burn Calories!!!

Issue #4 – Life is short, make it sweet & fun!!!


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