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The Heiress To The Candy Empire Shuts It Down as Baby Rachel Zoe! We DIE & Go Banana’s fo

My Mom Styles Therefore, I look Banana’s!

Hey Party People happy hump day! I feel so naughty saying hump, I’ve been doing it all day and there must be a full moon because quite honestly I’ve been acting odder than usual all day. I think it may simply be that my team and I are super pumped and excited about our up-coming events for out fabulous clients one in particular which happens to be the most influential and amazing woman on earth who we love, adore and are so happy and grateful to be working with.. again! Why so vague you ask? Well, simply because it’s mysterious and the word Vague looks a lot like the word Vogue and that is what we have been doing up in this candy coated crib all night! I was missing me my Rachel Zoe project and whipped out my Rachel Zoe book -Style A to Zoe and I was overcome with the inspiration to style my baby and pay homage to a very special woman who inspires me to do my lollipop thang’ and work it in my candy world. Anyhow, I immediately jumped into dress up party mode and tonight I styled our 7 month old Bella as a true fashionista. The Heiress to the candy empire dressed as Baby Rachel Zoe! Furry Vest – Check ( Faux- duhhh Peta- we heart animals), Oversized Gucci Shades- Check, Chunky Statement Necklaces-Check, Textured Knit Cap-Check, Expensive Vintage Prada Bag-Check, Looking Totally Rich- Double Check!!! Rachel- when you read this, if you read this ever.. Puuuuuhhhhlease consider doing a baby line. I know for a fact that their are gazillions of mom’s out there like me who prefer their Couture over Carters ( I’m not hatin’ on you Carter’s I own lots of you too). I just think a line of organic, wholesome, bio-degradable, eco-friendly, non-toxic baby clothes that scream, ” I’m a grown up!” would be Amazzzzzeballz! I wanna see more babies who are Zoe’d out! This world needs more little chunk-masters in vintage nautical suits and more sweet little cherubs wearing overalls with Chanel’s giant double CC on them and we FOR SURE need to see more hospital nursery’s filled with more Gucci monogramed crib shoes. It can be done Zoe and you are the one to make it happen.. You’ve already got QVC on your side and I simply think it should be a viable option for your 2011 business plan! Talk to Rodger about it. Enjoy the photos of our Isabella and just know, we listen , we watch and we have so learned how to live la vida Zoe! We heart you Zoe and you will be the most Banana’s mom on the block. We must schedule a play date. I’ll have my nanny call yours and we’ll have the drivers drop the bambino’s off at the same sand box! C- U There!

XoXo- Candy Girl & The Heiress To The Candy Empire

PS- Party People- Must Watch The Super Funny Rachel Zoe Clip Below.

PPS- We wanna do some amazing high end candy stylin’ for Team Zoe! It’s on our 2011 to do list!

Wearing My Statement Necklaces Fo Sho!

Love Me Some RZ!!!!

I’m wearing vintage Prada tonight and I’m gonna “Shut it down babyitches!”

Knock Offs- Never That! Real Gucci Shades-Duhhh!

You Look Amazzze as a preggy Mrs. Zoe

Love Me Some Zoe, Love Me Some Brad! I think the blonde chicks a major Zoe-abee! Boo!

Perfectioness to the 100th power!

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