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The Hollywood Candy Girls Spread Our Naughty Candy Love all over the Emmy Awards- Ohhhh Behave! Cong

So I hate to make this post short & sweet but we are simply so overloaded with events & work that it must be! Ladies & Gentleman, what can I say? The Emmy Style Lounge was fun and wild and it’s always great to watch celebrities Gorg themselves to oblivion on our candy! It’s truly the validation we so deeply crave at every single event. Well, that’s not 100% true. I seek the validation and I need it pretty much all the time. It has to do with people pleasing, wanting to do a great job all the time and really liking to hear the words “How Fabulous is this!” or “Look at all this Candy, How Amazing!” or OMG! Candy Girl you are so Pretty, How did you get so Pretty?” OK, so the last one I made up! But to answer that anyway, candy makes you really pretty & popular so we eat it by the truck-load. Ha! Someone’s extra silly today. Me! Duh!

Enjoy the pics of this wonderful event!

And now, I will sing you out!

We are the candy girls! The mighty, mighty candy girls. Everywhere we Goooooo, People wanna Knowwwww, who we are, so we tell ’em!

I so miss summer camp! I so wanna be 12 again… Can’t you tell?

Keep it sweet & sexy my babies..

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