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The Launch of O.W.N. The Oprah Winfrey Network & The Most Magnificent Kick Off to 2011 for The

Happy, Happy New Year Party People!

I have to be very honest and tell you that this post is so incredibly meaningful to me that I simply don’t know where to begin. It’s the new year and 2011 is going to be a massive year for Team CCBB & The Hollywood Candy Girls! I know it, I see it, I can feel it, I’m a little scared of it but I’m just going to step into it and just do it while welcoming the opportunities & embracing every single moment of it with my girls and boys. I thought to myself the other day, ” What happens when all of your dreams start coming true?” Well, if you are me, you start to dream bigger. This year, unlike many others will not be about wishing and hoping for. It will not be about talking about it but not being about it rather, 2011 is going to be the year where we became and did more and we grew. As a business, a team and very close knit crazy candy family. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about who ever has the most wins. It’s about, a lifetime of working so incredibly hard and finally being able to own the fact that what’s been created is fantastic , unique & so fabulously fun that the world has finally taken notice of it! A phenomenal New Years Day Celebration at the launch of Oprah’s new network O.W.N. in Los Angeles was how we kicked off the New Year. If that’s not a sign from the Heaven’s above that amazing is in store for us well then I really don’t know what is. It’s amazing to believe in something so much so that it becomes your reality. I often get asked to offer advice to other women in business which is so flattering in itself considering I’m just a silly candy girl who likes to dress up her baby in funny outfits. However, I think that success is defined in so many ways but for me personally, success has been achieved through believing so much in yourself even while others do not, it’s having to watch your back while others try and piggy back off your success, it’s forging ahead even when the economy takes a massive nose dive, it’s being brave enough ( or crazy enough) to empty out your savings account in order to pursue something you believe in, it’s getting pregnant & then having a shot gun wedding so that your mom & dad don’t get pissed off at you even though your 31 years old and it’s the ability to keep picking yourself up even after you fall and fall and then fall some more. I hope I don’t sound to preachy but since I do get asked quite often, I figured I’d do my best to share what my personal experience has been.

So this leads me to a day that took my breath away! The official launch party for our friends at O.W.N 1-1-11 The New Oprah Winfrey Network. A magical day for us all! I am so lucky, so proud & so incredibly honored to have been a part of this historic moment in time. You see it’s not just about getting to bring my candy along with me and doing something cool for Oprah & her staff, it’s about so much more that I honestly can’t even put into words I just know that for me, this opportunity is one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received. So with that being said, I simply wish everyone the most incredible 2011 and like I said before, The Skies the limit for us all but I think the catch with that statement is you’ve got to TRULY believe in that in order to touch the sky or even get close to it. A very special thank you to my right hand woman and professional eye rolling Intern- Jessica, Sweet Caroline for helping out, Kristy my graphics goddess, Jerry my king of organic products, David, Eddie & Jackie of Tic Tock Couture Florals & Team CCBB for making this day so incredibly sweet and of course my 7 month old mini me Bella and my gorgeous husband Chris who are both really nice to me. Oh! And Georgie & Arci my mom and dad who are simply.. my life. I love you…

Happy New Year!

With so much love,

Candy Girl

Custom O.W.N. Candy Station

Me & Stedman Who’s Super Sweet!

Your O.W.N. Candy Cupcake Decoration Station

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