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The Massive E3 Convention & Expo LA LIVE ,Target Terrace Deck @ Staples Center- Our Candy Throu

Who in the world would have guessed that the electronics & gaming industry was full of some of the wildest & hardest party people we have EVER seen? The E3 Con is HUGE in Los Angeles and thousands of people flock to the Staples Center during the event to check out what’s new and what’s hot in the gaming and electronics industry. Celebrities usually open up the event and this year Eminem, Rhianna and Usher were the opening acts! Kind of Ridiculous Right! Love them! This is not your usual convention- Obviously! I’m telling you- I have never seen a corporate gig that was so much fun, so spontaneous and so AWESOME! Our gorgeous friend Nadia at LA LIVE at the Staples Center called us in to assist a corporate client and make their candy vision come true. The girls at Incomm wanted to create a candy through the decades vibe that would bring back tremendous nostalgia and reintroduce candy that people have not seen since they were little kids. We had candy representative of the 6o’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. We definitely had to do our research for this event and went on a wild man-hunt or shall I say candy hunt to find some of the most retro candy in existence. We also combined props, toys and silly gadgets that were popular during these decades. Rubix Cubes, Slinky’s, Nintendo’s, Disco Balls, Peace Signs, Super Soakers and tons of pop culture favorites too.

So we spent the night at the Target Terrace Deck at LA LIVE where we set up our fun display which was a 4 sided massive square representative of each era. The Candy Girls were in their so cute costumes too! Bri was a Peace Lovin’ Hippy Chick, Vanessa was a sassy material girl and Joey was a Disco Diva! Jessica our trusty assistant was her usual self “I’m not ever going to smile” and I was doing what I do best, making sure everything was perfectly perfect , chatting it up with our clients and making sure everyone was Happy! Our clients were having such a great time that they extended their private party into the wee hours of the morning and we joined them! We danced the night away, literally, guests were coming right up to us and whisking us away onto the dance floor. We even got into a water gun war after we were attacked with our own props. If you ask me, these big boys had HUGE crushes on my candy girls but that’s pretty much our usual night anyway. Such is the life of a candy girl…

We had a like totally rad, groovy, bitchin’ night spreading our Candy love all over LA and making the planet a sweeter, happier and more Candylicious place…

XoXo, Jackie ” Candy Girl”

PS- Check out the beautiful flowers that were created by our friends at Blush Botanicals We LOVE all things Pretty and the Blush Girls definitely know how to create Pretty flowers with unique designs.

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