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The Mini’s are doing EXCEPTIONALLY AWESOME! Lord Lollipop is 2 & The Heiress To The Candy

Hi Friends!!!

Many friends who’ve followed all my craziness for so many years through social media often ask about the kiddos.. I thank you for asking & thinking of us and I’m super happy to report.. They’re FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! In preschool, lots of buddies, VERY creative imaginations, they’re amazing at Hip Hop & Salsa Dancing, they change their names every other day and believe that Unicorns really do slide down rainbows and land in their bedroom windows while they’re sleeping just to give them a kiss on the nose and wish them a good night…

Life is moving along just fine for this colorful little family. We’re all doing everything in our power to LIVE a HAPPY life and we simply trust GOD’S plan for us.. Why disrupt destiny?

XoXo, Candy Girl

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