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The Perks Of Being A Hollywood Candy Girl! Oh My Sweet Works! The Candy Delivery of the Century!!!

OM& a Gazillion GGGG’s! You know, I’d be lying if I said being in the candy biz didn’t have it’s perks. It certainly does and then some but I think the perks have to do more with the reactions we receive from our beloved clients when they lay their eyes on the custom candy creations that our candy crew so tirelessly and lovingly creates for each and every one of their special events!

YES I’ll admit it! We totally have an unlimited all access granted VIP pass to this magical and insanely awesome world of confections and that’s so amazing!!! If you follow what we do and are a proud member of the Candy Mafia, then you get us! You get that we’re sassy, fun, bold & brave and we always keep it real and tell it like it is! When you work this hard and for so long and you give up every single thing you’ve got to pursue a business that so many ” just don’t get” or can’t even understand, you kind of walk with a certain sense of pride that kind of says, ” told you so…” It’s cool that some never believed in us though, WE know how massive the candy industry is and WE are apparently becoming a power house in trend setting within the candy industry! How flattering is that? Kind of ridiculously amazing right!

We receive numerous emails, phone calls and inquiries from industry giants who want to somehow partner with, collaborate or work with these super cute chicks who started a candy revolution and we sooo get it, if we weren’t us, we’d so wanna work with us too or at the very least, be besties or neighbors.

We’ve learned through massive failures ( both professional and personal) and moving forward with a business decision that in the beginning, nearly no one supported. What I feel the most important lesson here is though is that we’ve learned to tune into an innate business sense that is kind of unexplainable. We just know what we know because we failed a zillion times and with every failure there were a zillion lessons learned which today = so much fabulousness it should be Illegal! I kid.. relax you eye rollerz!

So the other day I receive an email and it says something about our Amazing Candy Creations… It came from a candy manufacturer who’s products we insanely love and I thought it was a nice gesture. I responded to the woman who sent me the email and to be honest I think her name being Mariah totally had something to do with it. I just kept pointing my pointer finger in the air and pretended to sing really high notes!

Please!!! You guys know this is standard behavior for me so don’t act surprised! Anyhow, Mariah and I finally connected over the phone and I kind of jumped into the call with a “So Whataya Want From Me Kind of attitude” I’m so sorry Mariah, forgive me but we get some pretty weirdo calls sometimes. Can I just say when a company gets how to do business THE RIGHT WAY ( and I can tell you some pretty gag me with a spoon stories about totally weirdo Swim Fan, koo, koo for coco-puffs business owners in Candy Land) and a business understands that earning a customer trust & loyalty and building a RELATIONSHIP is golden, then they get it and in my book- the staff at Sweet Work gets it! Sweet Works happens to also be manufacturers of some of the hottest and most sought after candy today! I mean, we use their stuff on a daily basis. Amazing product, gorgeous color selections that NO ONE has and they are coming up with product that is so Bananas it will blow your mind. I mean, when we recently did the launch event for OWN- The Oprah Winfrey Network, her staff lalaLOVED our candy and especially the Niagra Chocolates that Sweet Works makes.

Mom always tells me to be more humble and in many respects I really am but when it comes to what my girls and I are achieving, I can’t help myself. Our very hard working, gorgeous little candy crew is like the little engine that could. Well actually we’re now becoming more like the little private plane that could but one thing will NEVER change, We work with companies, clients and even industry giants like Sweet Works who understand, it’s people first and when you treat people like they matter.. the dough-larz $$$ Cha-Ching, Chedda’ will begin to roll in too!

You Must, Must, Must Check out the insanity that arrived today when we realized 4 massive Sweet Works boxes filled with the most fantastical, magical candy we’ve ever seen fell into our pretty little hands. I’m telling you, this candy & the colors were so beyond gorgeous, I wanted to cry! Like the ugly cry… We are Obsessed , completely and utterly and emotionally obsessed with the crew at Sweet Works. If you don’t check them out, buy their stuff and at the very least try it or harass your local candy store to carry their stuff ( they probably already do though) you’re making a big mistake. They will change your relationship with Candy forever and you know, we don’t love any person, place or thing unless it’s Legit to the 100000th power.

Thank you Mariah you’re so on Fiiiiiiire!!! And to theThe Sweet Works Gang.. We’ll be prank calling your offices soon and in our deepest sexiest and most mysterious voices asking you guys ” So what are you wearing sexy?..”

XoXo- Candy Girl

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