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THE QUESTION WE ARE ALWAYS ASKED… ” Do you guys eat candy all day long?”

We are asked about a BillionMillionGatrillion times a day, ” Do you guys eat candy all day long?” And we respond, YES! I kid, I kid. Surprisingly, we don’t sit around eating our products all day long however, we do kind of love and worship it as if it were a religious statue that brings us prosperity, good looks & good luck.. like daily! I know it’s hard to understand how you can be surrounded by something so wanted, so loved and so delicious but like anything else, we simply are used to it and our dental bills are ridic! We love our pearly whites and and as we all know too much sugar causes cavities so we’ve kind of learned to Lalalalove the stuff but lay off it. Candy is so pretty though.. just looking at it satisfies our sweet tooth! And such is the life of a candy girl…

XoXo, Jackie & The Sugar Momma’s ” Candy Girls”

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