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These Candy Girls Have Massive Capabilities & That Ain’t No Jive Talkin’! We Do Cus

What happens when one of our lovely brides asks if we can create a custom candy sign for her wedding? Well, duhhh.. we fly into action and do back flips & cart wheels! She submitted a swatch of her wedding linens and Wa-Lah our team goes into super stealth, secret service designer mode and creates something spectacular for our girl over-night! She just saw her custom sign and A. Could not believe how cute & perfect it was & B. How quickly we produced the product!

You See folks- These Candy Girls don’t believe in problems rather, on our planet there are only solutions! And the case of the Custom Wedding Candy Sign is now CLOSED!

How’d we do it?? I’ll never tell * Insert creepy girl voice from scary movie*

XoXo- Candy Girl

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