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This is my last post on this hot button issue! To all the amazing women in business, I high-five you

Dear Copy Cats,

Yeah YOU, I’m talking to YOU! We’re you shocked when you saw this and clicked on the link? I know, I would have been too. I’d like to share some info about myself with you. When I was a little girl I never dreamt of things like meeting my prince charming, being captain of the cheer squad and dating the quarter back or winning homecoming queen.

Rather, I dreamt of doing some spectacular things with my life like having my own business that was so fabulously fun, the world would take notice and be kind of obsessed with it! I’ve learned that magically wishing upon a star or clicking your ruby red heels together does not make your dreams come true. Trust me, I’ve tried doing this so many times, my feet hurt. What I’ve learned does make dreams come true is really, REALLY hard work and endless sacrifice. So with that said, I don’t get to relax with friends on weekends because, I work. I don’t rest until every aspect of my business is taken care of and every single one of my clients are happy so this means, Iwork. I go and I go 7 days a week from morning to night and never rest because, I work. I never complain about anything (except copy cats) because I am so grateful and I work! You get the point right?

So guess what copy cats, if you take my images or any of my content without our approval to do so, we’ve got a problem. And please don’t be discouraged, we let everyone use our stuff as long as they respect us enough to ask first. If you use my designs replicate them or take anything of mine that’s copyrighted, we’ve got a problem. If you attempt to blatantly copy every aspect of my business model including my business names, we’ve got a problem. Nobody likes to have problems right?

So, now that the icky tough stuff has been said and you’re thinking to yourself “OMG, Oh no she didn’t!” I welcome you to unlock your own creativity as I’m sure you’ll discover how amazingly talented you are too. I get it, it was hard to resist copying off the smart kids math test when you were in 5th grade and it’s hard to resist copying stuff that you feel is so totally awesome. In this case, you’re just going to have to practice self control and if you just can’t well, our Lawyer Mr. Weinberg is really smart & kinda’ mean and we’ve got him on speed dial! I’m just saying…

I think the sea is big enough for all the fish in it to co-exist peacefully just make sure you do right by all the other fishies and everyone’s happy!

So with all that said, I wish you all… Peace, Love & Candy Baby!

XoXo – Candy Girl

And PS – If you think I’m this genius to make this Copy Cats message up all by myself, well thank you but it came from great inspiration by another fabulously, fun woman in business who I respect & admire and would imagine if we ever met, we’d be total besties.

Hey Made By Girl (Jen Ramos), This is in honor of YOU!

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