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Tic Tock Couture Floral Blog Feature- CHECK! Totally was on my life’s bucket list! A Super-Meg

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 8:29PM

Have you ever met Jackie Sorkin, the woman behind The Hollywood Candy Girls and Custom Candy Buffet Bars? Sure, you’ve probably heard of her candy empire and come across her smorgasbord for the sweet tooth at events but – have you ever met her? We ask because 1. She’s amazing and 2. You should.

Jackie didn’t initially set out to be the Don of a candy kingdom – she did what any smart, savvy, quick thinking business woman does – she saw an opportunity – and she took it. She saw a demand where she wasn’t seeing much in the way of product and so…she created it and Custom Candy Buffet Bars was born. (It definitely helps that she’s pretty much candy obsessed!)

Over the last few years, Jackie’s built a brand that is fun, fabulous and generally sweet. She’s worked tirelessly to create amazing things for her clients and is always dreaming up ways to do it better than anyone, even she, has ever done it before.

Call her. Book her. Say hi. No, really. Here’s her number: 714.837.7119. She’s fun and funny and fabulous and you’ll love talking to her. And soon, she’ll be coming to a television near you…just as soon as the networks stop fighting over who gets to keep her. And if you’re too shy to call – come to the POP Bridal Event on February 20th at the Americana at Brand. She’ll be there. And so will we. In the meantime, check out the candy maven’s blog. If it doesn’t make you smile, you might be a sourpuss.

The photos? Those are hers.


Celebs love candy, too!

Heiress to the Candy Empire


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