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TLC’ S Candy Queen Premiers Monday December 5, 2011! 7 FREAKIN’ DAYS BABY!!! AHHHHHHHH!!


You know I rarely ask for favors but could U do us a MAJOR STAGE 5 favor this week and help us put our new TLC show Candy Queen On major BLAST! Re-post this baby, use the logo & fill up that News Feed & Twitter! TLC is running Candy Queen’s promo on over-drive all week & since you’ve all been such a huge part of our journey, we want you to be a big ol’ part of this too! Shoot, tears! We don’t even know how to thank you all but if this things a Hit like we hope it’s gonna be, we’re gonna throw the biggest, sickest, craziest sugar filled candy fest for all our candy family, friends & fans that you’ve ever been invited too! We LOVE You & THANK YOU!

XoXo- Candy Girls

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