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Today CANDY QUEEN PREMIERS on TLC & What I Think You Should Know is how incredibly grateful &#0

G-R-A-T-I-T-D-U-D-E!!! Candy Queen Premiers on TLC tonight and of course we’re losing our minds in excitement but you know what the girls and I are most thankful for? The fact that so many of you have followed our story along the way, you’ve praised us, pushed us and even believed in us during moments when we may not have believed in ourselves. We’ll be watching with you biting our finger nails, wearing our sweats, eating Tostitos & salsa, playing with our candy babies & probably being weirded out at how strange our voices sound on TV! We’re beginning a new journey today and you’re such a massive part of that and I’d like to remind you of how grateful we are that so many of you have followed our silly little journey and skipped, high kicked and done the splits with us along the way…

XoXo, Candy Girl

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