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Today during an interview I was asked ” So Candy Girl, Who’s Your Inspiration?” I

I must admit, having such a unique and fun job often means getting asked to do fun interviews regarding the wildly fun and colorful world of candy! Today during one of these interviews I was asked,” So Candy Girl, Who’s Your Inspiration?” I could have answered the super corny but true – my parents but rather simply said two words: Veruca Salt. The interviewer said, ‘ Who’s That?” I replied, ” Are you for real?” He said, “Yeah” I said, ” “Google it and call me in the morning”. So, this post my friends, is in honor of all the little spoiled brat’s out there. I was never one of these girls but always secretly kind of wished I could have lived this life for just one day. There is something so deliciously delightful about watching this little monster yell & pout & kick & scream all for the love of chocolate, candy & good old spoiled rottenness!


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