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Tyler’s Bar Mitzvah @ The Super Chic Anthology, Gaslamp Distrct San Diego

Oh how we love a Mitzvah and a fabulous venue too!Tyler celebrated his fabulous Bar Mitzvah at one of San Diego’s most fabulous venues.. Anthology! Anthology is a music venue & fine dining restaurant however on Tyler’s big night the entire place was turned into Tyler’s Radtastical Night Club! Fabulous Food, Friends, Family, Dancing, Photos, Candy & More! Now this was a Mitzvah! A big thank you to the beautiful Mrs. Umanski who was a joy to work with and a very cool mom we LOVE! Another shout out to our friends at Anthology who know how to throw one amazing party with pure professionalism and utter finesse! Bravo Team! Mazel Tov Tyler!!!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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