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Hey Party People, I have to share this pic of myself & Baby Bella Boo ( The Heiress to the candy empire) 6 months old! Can you believe? Is she not so juicy & delicious! I want 11 more of her so that I can have a complete dozen. I’m a person who kind of likes excessive amounts of persons, places & things. Anyhow, the reason for this pic is her little lollipop sweater and candy striped leggings that I keep getting asked about all over town. We live la vida candy, we own it, work it and do our lollipop thang! This line is called Candy Shop and it’s adorable. I love how her photos with me often have this expression and I would imagine she’s looking at the camera thinking “Seriously people, how can it be legal that this crazy woman is also my mother!” I bought her cases of this candy clothing and in every size. She’ll be wearing this stuff ’til she’s 18 and you know what Isabella? You can thank your mother later! And PS- I’m awesome!

Life is short party people, remember to make it sweet & fun!

XoXo- Candy Girl

The Heiress to the candy empire doing her lollipop thang! WORK!

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