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URGENT! We Need A Big Favor From All Of You Again! Please & Thank you!

Hi Guys,

Need another favor please and I am the type to NEVER ask but in this case I’m just going to tell you what I need because, “Ask & You Shall Receive!” Whatever we’ve all been doing has been working so could you please continue to say a prayer and send your positive, healing vibes to my dad and his incredible team of Doctors & Surgeons at St. Josephs Medical Center who are helping my dad overcome his caner battle. He’s got a 2nd surgery scheduled for next Tuesday. This pic of Georgie was taken about a month ago just before his 1st surgery to kick Cancer’s Ass with his awesome team, Dr. Grace & Her Mom Leah who also happen to be some of my parents closest friends! He’s super positive & fighting this thing like a champ! Thanks to all of you for caring about my family, even those of you who don’t know us personally! Like I always say, human connections make the world go round and you’ve got to believe in something so much that it becomes a reality and we believe my dad is going to beat this Cancer!

Love, Jackie

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