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We Found The Ultimate Honorary Hollywood Candy Girl & Her Name is Piper Reese!

Holy Cuteness to the 10000th power now this an Honorary Candy Girl Spotlight!!! We have stumbled upon one of the most Candylicious kiddos we’ve ever laid eyes on and she is not only super duper cute but she is Super MEGA talented too!!! There is something about Miss Piper Reese that we can’t get enough of. Who is Piper you ask? Well Duh.. She’s only a massively huge internet tween sensation with her hit web shows on Pipers Picks TV & Youtube. She interviews some of the biggest tween stars on earth from Nickelodeon to Disney to Hit Movies & More! Be it her perfect punctuation & pronunciation of big giant words that we can’t even spell ourselves or her quick wit and hysterical one liners. Piper is a very special girl to say the least, we see Big, Gigantic, Super Huge Things in her future and you can consider this another candy girl prediction. And ummm.. our predictions about people, places & things are usually always right! We’re super excited to collaborate with Piper and we are totally prepared to butter her up her with as many truck-loads of candy, sparkles & tiara’s as needed. We heard through the grapevine.. Piper LalalaLOVES candy! So Do WE! Check out Pipers awesome website & Youtube channel.Totally & Utterly PIPERIFFIC!!!

Piper @ 2010 Kids Choice Awards


Pipers Wonka Episode

Piper & Hungry Girl- Lisa Lillian


Cute to the 100th Power

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