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We Got Mail! Candy Friends & Fans, We lalaLOVE YOU!!! Meet Connie

Love, Love, Love your new website. I’ve been following you for the last year…since I started my business. I live in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin, Texas. Started my own business creating Candy Bouquets and recently ventured into Candy Buffets. As I build my business, particularly creating candy buffets I was hoping you had some words of wisdom that you might be willing to share!!!

Keep up the great work – I love what you do!!!

-Connie Mottle

We get mail oh yes we do! We try and read almost all our fun fan mail and respond as often as possible. This sweet message came tonight and we thought it was quite nice & sincere. LOVE Sincerity! We’ve got some fabulously fun things coming up this year and we’ll be posting plenty of ideas, tips, tricks, design ideas and recipes for our candy friends & family. And if YOU have got something super interesting, cute, or fun to share with us, please DO! Thanks for the super sweet email Connie from Texas.. Words of Wisdom? Hmm… Well, Yes I have plenty the only thing is, where do I begin? When you get me started on Candy, Women In Business, Or A Great Idea, I tend to go nuts and blab for hours. We wish you great success!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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