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We’ve Got Bachelor’s Degree in Candylosophy, A Master’s Degree in Bullshitology an

Hi-Ya- Party People! Well we almost made it through an amazing weekend with NO drama and leave it to another Big Fat Copy Cat who made that an impossibility! Booooooooo! We don’t want to Go OFF but we wouldn’t be true to who we are if we just let it roll. There is nothing wrong with standing for yourself, your hard work, your business, your stuff. Period! Really! I mean, Really! You see the Logos above? To the left are ours that were custom designed by our graphics goddess to the right are this new Big Fat Copy Cats pathetic attempts to replicate and steal, manipulate and confuse. Whatever! We paid a ton of dough for trademarks & copy rights! We’ve been on to this chick for a while who had the nerve to email us months ago asking if she could use all our pictures for her new website! Yeah! I know, UNFREAKINREAL! Then she contacts our graphics goddess for some custom work, then she very sneakily contacts one of our baking buddies ( after stalking us on facebook of course) and purchases her products and then instantly places her photos on her website! Oh and if that isn’t enough, she uses images from other major players in the party world and sells them as her own work! Gag me with a silver spoon! Sometimes these Copy Cats freak out at our ability to connect all the dots in these situations and put all the pieces of the puzzle together so quickly but once again, loyalty, respect and a team of awesome chicks who look out for each other is Huge! They don’t call us the Candy Mafia for nothin’! We called this woman in the am and she pretended to be her “assistant” who had a really bad connection. So lame! You think we don’t know that trick? We invented it! So anyhow, the saga continues and her endless lies and attempts to justify are simply time wasting and rude. Our Big Fat Lawyer is on the case and all parties have been notified. And if you need a refresher, I may have a Bachelors degree in Candylosophy but I’ve also got a Master’s in Bullshitology and a P.H.D in Homey Don’t Play That! Couture Candy Shoppe- Shame, Shame, Shame, We Know Your Name and we’re so telling on you! You deserve to sit on the Naughty Spot with a dunce cap on! PS- You’re kinda freakin’ people out with your Major Swim Fan Behavior… Look it up!

XoXo- Candy Girl


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