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We’ve Got Mail & It Made Us Do The Ugly Cry.. Again

We’ve got mail and it’s just so sweet that this one actually DID make us do the ugly cry..again. You see, I have a very small tight knit and incredibly (LOYAL) team who assist me in creating candy magic and without them, we’d never get to see such heart-warming e-mails like this. I think wether you are one to admit it or not, most people need a little reassurance every now and then and when you receive emails from your clients like this below, it simply takes your breath away and makes you do a triple high five, booty bump, back-flip, 3 twirls and a skip all the way down the street to the ice cream truck! At this moment, simply so happy for making others so happy and feeling like were kinda awesome. Just be very clear- life hasn’t always been this way so once you start achieving moments like this, the key is to continue and get even better. Leave your ego’s & negativity at the door and skies the limit baby!

XoXo- Candy Girl

Jackie – I am almost crying it is so GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, when the girls got together and envisioned this back in January I could never have imagined it would be so spectacular. You are the Picasso of sweets and as a person who goes to bed every night with Sugarplums dancing in her head this is just my version of heaven.


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