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We’ve Got MAIL & This is What It’s All About Baby! Meet Chrissy G!

Name*:Cristin GrahamEmail*:cristin@crissyg.comSubject*:Business QuestionsMessage*:Hi Jackie,

My name is Cristin Graham, and I live just outside of Phoenix in Gilbert. I came across your Facebook page which led me to your blog. I am writing today because you are truly an inspiration to me. What you have achieved in your business is what I dream about for myself. I have owned an online children’s boutique for the past four years and have recently decided to add more divisions to my company which include: my own line of products, event planning, custom candy and dessert buffets, event rentals and custom items such as printables, invitations, favors, decor items, etc.

I am in the process of a complete overhaul of my website as well as looking for others who want to join my team and go on this journey with me. I was wondering if you would be willing to offer me any pieces of advice as I enter this new world? You obviously know what you are doing, and I would love to learn from you. I want to build something that will help support my family while allowing my creativity to flow. I have two little girls and dream of them working with me someday.

If there is ever a need that I could fill for you I would be happy to create custom items for your clients. At the moment, my line consists of jewelry, hair accessories and room decor boards that can be customized. You can view some of my creations on my facebook page. The link is on my blog at:

Thank you Jackie, and I wish all the best for you and your business! What a fun company you have built!!

Sincerely, Cristin Graham Owner – Crissy G.’s Designs

We’ve Got Mail & Cristin Graham, I think you’re a pretty smart chick yourself and I so appreciate you writing me this super sweet email. I’ll admit that in my own little world, I find it incredibly awesome to think that other women are inspired by this crazy little business that I’ve built and I’m honored when they share this with me. Quite honestly, it makes me feel really good to know that other women out there, working moms & even little girls are able to understand what I stand for which is basically the fact that I am determined to succeed ( I’m kinda hardcore about not ever failing again and it’s kind of extreme to some but it works for me so I’m running with it and caring less about who rolls their eyes at me along the way! 🙂

I checked out your website and it looks like you’ve got lots of great stuff you’re doing and want to do. I understand this being a pretty creative person myself who likes to dream up new ideas, new products & services for my business each and every day. However, what I’ve learned the hard way ( a couple business flops and ton of money down the drain) is that you’ve got to focus and hone in on your brand and identity, product or service and really build on that. Be careful with confusing the consumer. What your business is all about should be a very clear message to whom ever’s buying your stuff. I’d rather be really good and kick ass at just a few things rather than, being mediocre at a ton of so-so things. I love your custom baby jewelry and I’d actually like to order some for my future employees ( I mean, my children)! I only have time to buy online and anything custom, I love! I think you’ve got a cool idea and if you market it correctly and relentlessly, it will work. Keep on doing your thing, being who you are and putting that beautiful family of yours first. Family first always! After-all, we only work this hard for them right!

I wish you continued success, Not LUCK- I hate when people wish you luck, you’ve got the ability to create whatever kind of future you’d like for you and your family and being lucky has nothing to do with it. If you are willing to do the work and more work and then some more work.. You’ll get there. Because I believe ” Riches don’t respond to wishes- they respond to hard work and persistence.”

Go Get ‘Em Mommy,


Hey Cristin- That’s YOU!

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