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Wedding Cupcakes! The Wedding trend that is still Hotter than ever!

Cupcakes keep popping up again and again at receptions and special events as a way to save money on your event whole adding a bit of whimsical fun. Are cupcakes really a good alternative to a wedding cake though?

COST: Normally the determining factor.When wedding cupcakes first became a trend, they were touted as a great way to save money. You could purchase each cupcake for $2-3 dollars a piece rather than $4 or $5 per slice for cake. Bakers soon caught on that doing wedding cupcakes are just as time consuming if not more – than a traditional cake. In the end, it all comes down to choices your choice.

WAYS TO SAVE $: Cupcakes are simple to make and if you purchase some decorating tools and practice a bit you may be even to make these yourself. Invite some of your bridesmaids over and make it a fun night of Cupcakes & Cocktails.

WHO I RECCOMEND: If you are in LA- Vanilla Bake Shop-Santa Monica- In Orange County- Sprinkles Cupcakes- Newport Beach or Mrs. Beasleys- Costa Mesa. In New York- Magnolias or Buttercup bakery -Miami-The little cupcake stand or Heavenly cupcakes.


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