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What Do You See When You Look at this Picture?

What do you see when you look at this picture? Some may say they see a gorgeous baby ( Duhhh, Ovi-O), Others will say they see a giant box of candy on top of a gorgeous baby. I say, You are looking at Baby Bella, our fabulous New Spokes Model and future Miss Teen USA-2020 ,Miss USA-2025 and Miss Universe-2026. Yes, my child will absolutely win every single title in the USA Pageant System. Why on earth wouldn’t she? And if pageants don’t work at the very least she will be the heiress to a Candy Empire !! Either way, she’ll live in a world full of colorful characters and all the sweets & sugar that anyone could have ever dreamed of. What a life! There is a world full of newborns out there who are drooling with jealousy in their onezies right now… keep drooling babies- this girl is absolutely FABULOUS!

Be Silly & Sweet, It makes life more fun! XoXo, Jackie ” Candy Girl”

PS- Product placement moment: The box of candy Bella is holding is one of our fun new services that we have added to our line of Candy To Go Products & Gifts…

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