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When Steve Jobs Creator of the APPLE Computer announced “2011 as Year of the COPY CAT”

As we type with our Stiletto’s & Ugg Boots which are arrogantly propped right up on our desks right now ( typically this is a No, No in our candy coated offices that lands you in the corner with a dunce cap on), leaning back in our swivel chairs with I told you so looks on our way to made up for a Monday morning faces… we are over-joyed at realizing that, WE ARE RIGHT!!! Our Lover Boy Steve Jobs and Gatrillionaire genius and mad scientist inventor of the Apple Computer and related products which we swear by recently announced that 2011 IS THE YEAR OF THE COPY CAT!!! I mean we hate to be right all the time but it’s an intuition and a savvy sense of things going on in the world which allow us well.. always be right. Ok, well 99% of the time at least. Steve, we totally feel your pain and we get it we just wish that we could relate more to the size of your bank account but Mom & Dad say that if we keep doing what we’re doing, working super duper hard, not complaining and ignoring any negative person, place or thing… we”ll be Yachting with you in St. Tropez in No Time and it’ll be just like a Puff Daddy video!

So With that Social Commentary & Massive We Totally Told You So Moment, We leave you with a triple cart wheel, do-si-do, electric slide into the splits! If always wanting to be right is so wrong then tell us, Why does it feel so Damn GOOD??? And YES! We totally just related our Candy World to the Techie World! ( * Insert eye roll, here)

XoXo- Candy Girls

PS- Thank You to our Graphics Goddess Kristy @ Posh Pixels who is kinda glamorously nerdy like us and filled us in this BreakingNews!!!

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