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Why Are We So Obsessed With Our Clients? It’s Obvi-O! Meet Amber, Mo & Baby Natalie on th

We say it time and time again.. Our clients are the most amazing people in all of La-La Land and we love them so… We met Amber recently and from the 1st phone call it was nothing but a sugary love fest of things we had in common and listening to how much Amber lalalaloves C-A-N-D-Y! We love baby showers and mommies to be are always so excited and cute! We created a super cute custom candy buffet bar with lots of bells & whistles like a rock candy crystal tree adorned with candy necklaces and bracelets and a custom made SWEET sign covered in baby sized chicklets. Our always amazing graphics goddess guru Kristy at Posh Pixels Design Studio created custom signs in Amber’s theme: Sweet Baby Love! Jessica & Briana were the cutest candy girls and Amber’s sister Ebony said, ” I wanna be a candy girl too!” So we gave her an apron, told her to give us her sassiest pose and Wa-La! Instant Candy Girl! Like we always say…

We Make Candy Dreams Come True…

A big thank you to this incredible couple for all their kindness and we can’t wait to hear the details regarding baby Natalie’s arrival! Read their most wonderful thoughts below… We Love Them!

Heyyyy Jackie!!!

I’m just now getting to this e-mail because after such an insane weekend I was SUPER tired this morning and came into work late. J,You and your “Candy Crew” are just as sweet as the candy you display! Not only was I pleased and impressed with the buffet – your fun presence added such a huge bonus to my baby shower. Everyone could not stop talking about what a great idea the buffet was, how great it looked, how nostalgic some of the candy made them feel….I could go on! Thank you a million times over for adding that extra splash of “suga” to my event! We heart candy, yes we do…we heart Jackie and her Candy Crew! LOL

Big Hugs,


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