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You know YOU want one too! Introducing Candy Art- A Candy Toilet- Talk About a Bathroom Re-Model!

Truly Candy Art & Candy Creations at it’s best. Take a few minutes to soak in the craftsmanship and insane details on the one and only candy toilet! What will people think of next right? Well we think an entire house created of candy is the next step and I’m not talking about Ginger- Bread houses either. Candy can serve so many purposes and is simply so pretty we think this Candy Toilet is a work of ART and someone should let the finest museums in the world know about the next wave of eye candy that is about to sweep the nation! Call it a hunch, a gut feeling or psychic ability but, CANDY is going to take over the universe- 1 piece at a time! You’ll see…

XoXo, Jackie “Candy Girl”

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