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You’ll Never Guess Who Lives in My Neighborhood!

So random but so amazeballz, I had to share! So I stop by the neighborhood Chinese restaurant and I’m waiting for my Won Ton Soup. I head into the bar to kill a few minutes and I see this man sitting at the counter and I kept thinking ” Why do I know his face?” He’s alone drinking a glass of wine, eating his food and watching TV. Then I noticed he goes to pay and takes out his Black American Express Card and I think to myself, “Gimme, Mine! Ha. I actually just kept wondering how I knew him. He pays his bill, gets up, we make eye contact, smile and nod and he heads out the door. My soup comes out and before I leave I say to the bartender, ” Why do I know that guy?” He says, ” Oh Mr. Hitchcock, He’s Air Supply.” As in Air Supply- the most incredible power ballad singing duo of all time!!!! I had plans on eventually moving to Bel Air once I had the dough to become the Fresh Princess of Bel Air and live in a castle but that seems like it may take some time and now that I know Air Supply is my neighbor I think I’ll throw a pot-luck and invite him over or maybe he’s into those naughty housewife “romance” parties that I always get e-vites too! Either way, I’ll be running into him again and when I do, you’ll be the first to know!

Night, Night Party People, Enjoy the vid- it’s an 80’s lullaby!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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