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YOUR CLIENTS- Without them you’ve got nothing and that’s why they should be YOUR EVERYTH

Hi Friends,

I’m in the business of making people happy! Really, Really, Ridiculously HAPPY! I appreciate when our clients take a little time out to express their feelings regarding their experience with us. I’m hard on my team and I admit it, I strive for excellence, have little patience for error and believe that success should be earned and never given. This latest email came from one of our loveliest clients to date- Mr. Don Grant! Don called in The Hollywood Candy Girls to create some uniquely special sweet arrangements for his daughters big Mitzvah celebration! Feedback like this makes us really proud and makes me feel like I’m doing exactly what I’d hoped I’d be able to do with my life when I was a little girl obsessed with watching Willy Wonka over and over and over again which was simply.. to make people Really, Really, Ridiculously HAPPY! Thanks so much to Don & Family! We’re so thankful to have clients like YOU!
XoXo, Candy Girl

Subject: You Rock (Candy!)!!!
Dear Jackie & Co., I am writing you after once again seeing yet ANOTHER of friends post a photo on their Facebook NOT of themselves, me, their dog or an amazing sunset. The photo is one of literally dozens being shared between my friends, relatives and the general social media universe of the incredible centerpieces you designed for my daughter’s bat mitzvah. Truly remarkable! When planning this great event, we were very specific with every detail. Because the “theme” was candy, we had many options with which to play. The decorations were all chosen specifically to both enhance the guest experience and also wow them. Well, Candy Maven, your centerpieces did that and more. I can’t thank you enough. As we discussed, I have been to perhaps too many Hollywood parties. The scope and scheme of the events I attend both by choice as well as obligation are vast; from small dinner parties to over the top extravaganzas. So it was important to me that the centerpieces for my daughter’s party were not only beautiful and classic, but also fun and something that had not been seen before – I certainly didn’t want to be accused of poaching another event planner’s idea. Again, what you and your Candy Girls supplied raised the bar to a point that is, I believe, unbeatable. You are the best! You also were so kind, open and invested in the project. That Jackie, is unfortunately too rare in this world. Your passion and concern that we were pleased was only matched by my sense of how much you enjoy what you do so well. It doesn’t seem like “just a cool gig” for you; you authentically seem to derive almost more pleasure from the happiness you bring as you do from any success that happiness might generate in terms of financial gain. That too is an endangered business philosophy, but one that make the joy of what we were doing in terms of planning the event of a lifetime for our guests only the more joyous. The edible art pieces you creative are so beautiful, fun and unique that I almost felt badly when our guests did indeed EAT THEM! At the end of our party, when I expected most guests would scurry about in the usual “grab the centerpiece to take home” frenzy, I instead saw that most of them had been left behind, only because it looked like a host of locusts had descending upon the candy tree forest you had created! Most of the centerpieces were picked clean because clearly the guests could not resist divesting them from the delicious treats they offered. How cool is THAT? I was a bit worried when I discovered you and your company because I was afraid you were too good to be true. Happily, you were every bit as good as I’d hoped and better than I could have imagined. My only worry now is that when I call to ask you to join our production team on the next event, you will be too busy and popular to accommodate me!!! My aunt even asked for you contact information because she thought that sending one of your creations to an unwell friend would prove better than any medication doctors would prescribe. I agree with her. If I were ever in the position to receive flowers, but instead received one of your candy trees, I would be over the moon. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Even though we were perhaps a smaller event than you are customarily used to assisting, I can tell you that you always made me feel as if our party was as important to you as it was to us. Keep creating both your incredible creations and they will continue to generate untold numbers of smiles and happiness.

All best, Don Grant

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