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Zoe’s Sweet 16 in Hollywood- A Super Candylicious BBQ in Winter!

Zoe celebrated her totally Candylicious Sweet 16 in true LA style. She said, “Mom, I wanna have a Candyland BBQ in Winter at the Tennis Club” and Poof! Just like that this lucky 16 year olds birthday wishes were granted. It was a freezing night but Zoe and her friends still had a blast gorging themselves on candy & candy cupcakes lots of BBQ, a fire place and the best part of the whole night was, NO GROWN UPS ALLOWED! What more could a could a sixteen year old ask for? Well perhaps the keys to a new Ferrari (at least that’s what I asked for when I turned 16 but all I got was a gold colored Mazda sedan) Anyhow, Zoe’s Candylicious Sweet 16 was super fun and we loved this kid and her friends. If your wondering about those M-L t-shirts you see the girls wearing in the photos, well they are in honor of a boy from their school named Michael Larson who was expelled and the girls created t-shirts in his honor as a sign of solidarity. I promised them I would include a tribute to this Michael Larson kid on my blog. So whatever you did to get expelled Michael Larson, my advice to you is, ” don’t do it again!” Ever! And this my friends is the life of a totally awesome 16 year old livin’ it up in H-Wood. And such is the life of a crazy candy girl and her team of candy vixens who make your candy dreams come true all year long..

XoXo- Candy Girl

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